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What is A Credit Union?

This page is designed to increase education around credit unions as a vital choice in financial services for Canadians.

Credit unions are well-regulated, full-service financial institutions. Canada's credit unions put their member’s hopes, dreams, needs, and wants above all else. Canadians who choose to bank with a credit union are choosing to bank with a conscience. Credit unions give back to their members - the people that bank with them - and contribute to their community’s economic, social, and environmental well-being.

What We Believe

Start With Our Members

Credit unions put customer service at the heart of every decision we make and that’s why we always rank highest in customer satisfaction.

Home Ownership for Canadians

Buying your first home should be possible for everyone, see how credit unions are helping Canadians secure that next big purchase.

Your Community Matters

When you bank with a credit union, you’re building up local communities and reinvesting in the place that matters most… home.

How Credit Unions Are Putting Community First

In 2021 Canada’s credit unions donated $40,300,000 and their staff volunteered more than 77,694 hours (*2021 Community & Economic Impact Report)

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Credit Unions are Advancing Financial Literacy

Each One, Teach One is an approach to providing basic and plain language financial knowledge, without ties to any products or services, with the sole goal of empowering individuals to make the right financial decisions for themselves and their families.

Looking to buy your first home?

Canada’s credit unions are a great option for homebuyers looking to secure a mortgage.

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2022 Ipsos Financial Service Excellence Awards

Canada’s credit unions have ranked first in outstanding customer service for 18 consecutive years.

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