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Buy Now, Pay Later? What You Need To Know

As the cost-of-living continues to rise, many consumers are looking for alternative ways to take the pressure off of spending substantial amounts of money. One option growing in popularity are Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) programs. These financing programs allow consumers to purchase items they want immediately while also offering them extra time to pay for the desired…

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How-to Guide for Shopping Sustainably and Saving Money

Today, more Canadians than ever are interested in making choices that positively impact their community and making purchasing decisions that benefit the planet. As you evaluate how you shop, there are countless opportunities to start incorporating eco-friendly shopping habits into your everyday life that can benefit the environment and your wallet. What is sustainable shopping? Sustainable shopping refers…

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Contributing to Causes Without Breaking The Bank

As the age-old saying goes, ‘tis better to give than to receive, and giving back – big or small – can make a real difference to those in your community. While contributing to your community is a worthwhile endeavor, it can be a source of great financial stress without proper financial planning. The good news is, there are…

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Credit History 101: Your Credit History and Why It Matters

Credit scores are like bones in our body: we often don’t realize how important they are until we injure them. However, unlike a broken bone, by adopting sound financial habits, you can heal your poor credit score without too much discomfort. Whether you are applying for your first credit card, purchasing your first car, or applying for a…

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Empower Your Financial Future with a Credit Union

Are you looking for a financial institution that offers award-winning customer service and personalized financial planning and advice? Time to switch to a credit union. Since the early 1900s, Canada’s credit unions have set themselves apart by championing a people-focused approach to everyday banking. This means, that when you bank with a credit union, you become a member…

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